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Customizing content to LED Signage applications

When implementing an LED sign campaign, it is crucial to have a clear cut strategy to make sure your digital signage content will be successful based on the kind of media you are using. First, you need to have a detailed understanding of the complete scope of each LED sign project and then figure out the kind of screens you will use to display the content. This will ensure brand continuity. Also, before designing the initial content, consider your goals, deliverables and deadlines.

Television content design: Time is precious in this case. Hence animations and content should be brief and to the point. Content managers also need to keep in mind the regulations for broadcasting. Certain rules such as appropriate titles and resolutions of image need to be considered.

Single LED screen design (on property): In this case, time is not of a concern. Designers should focus on content and the atmosphere that has to be created. When visitors are not actually standing in front of an LED screen, the screen is a part of the design to enhance the venue and the customer experience. Strict broadcast guidelines don’t have to be considered here since the content is going to be displayed on HD screens.

Video Wall design: While the size of the screen is important here, the overall resolution of the video wall and its viewing distance is also very important. Designers have to be particular about the bezels between screens. Important content should not be placed at locations where the bezels are appearing. Even if it is unavoidable, try to rotate the content and avoid having it seated at the wrong spot for too long.

Arena and Stadium LED Displays: Throughout a stadium, different sizes of LED screens are used. LED rings would ideally have to tile perfectly across the arena and it should have attractive and flashy content to grab attention. In this case, content should be designed keeping in mind that the screen is large, distant and has a specified time frame. In addition to being attention grabbing and exciting, content should be effective, fun and should also focus on the main message.

At LED Craft Inc, we listen to our customer requirements and provide them with a suitable LED screen solution. Our range of products are wide, hence we can assure you that whatever the screen size you may need, we can guarantee a solution.


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