Creative ways of using LED signage

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Creative ways of using LED signage

LED signage is mostly placed in public areas and most of us are aware of the common places where you would see an LED billboard. Even indoors, lobbies and hallways are an obvious spot where screens are put up. However, very few blogs talk about some of the smaller areas where digital signage could be used. Below are four ideas that you may have hardly come across for using LED displays.

  1. Classrooms

Computers, interactive whiteboards and projectors could all be put together into one digital sign and can be used like a television where educational programs are shown to students. At times when the teachers are not using it, the display could publish messages for students. The content to be displayed can be tailored for specific classes, to remind students of upcoming project submissions, quizzes and other activities.

The classroom experience can be taken further by introducing a touch screen and an internet connection. This allows web access, video playback control and displaying available teaching resources.

  1. Meeting Rooms

Instead of a boring printed agenda, use a touch screen to modernize the whole conference experience. Your presentation can reach a whole new level by encouraging the audience to come up and click on your screen and interact with you. Large screens can also be used in meeting rooms for streaming videos, video conferencing and displaying clouds. When the screen is not being used, the same playlist as the rest of the office can be played so that people stuck in a meeting for hours do not miss out on other announcements.

  1. Elevators

You have a quiet and attentive crowd all to yourself in an elevator. Why not make use of this opportunity? This is ideal for daily announcements for employees and advertising for visitors.

  1. Patient Rooms

Where is the attention of a patient while he is getting his teeth cleaned or waiting for a doctor to come in? Take this time to inform and educate your patients with health tips, service advertisements, and availability of new tests or vaccinations and so on.

With sign placement, think first about your audience. Placing digital signage in smaller areas is perfect for target marketing to a niche group.


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