Attract retail customers with window LED signs

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Attract retail customers with window LED signs

Today’s millennial generation often have their heads buried in their phones whenever you look at them.

Apart from that, retailers face competition from mobile marketers who are becoming smarter, with the use of beacon technology to target ads directly to prospective customers. Furthermore, outdoor LED displays are also in the run for grabbing user attention.

With that being said, it is quite a challenge for retailers to connect to this target market. As a result, retailers are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to grab customer attention. One way in which retailers can get the upper hand is by using LED signs specifically made for displaying in windows of their brick and mortar stores. Window digital signage has proved to be successful in bringing in more shoppers to the store.

Whether they are on a busy street, inside a mall or at a pop-up retail location, shoppers are always on the lookout for an interesting experience. This is why more and more retailers are investing in digital signage.

Why use digital signage in window displays?

So what exactly do we mean by window digital signage? It is not just basic digital displays where advertisements are put up. The industry of digital signage is largely varied, and window digital signage is just one of these categories.

Compared to traditional static signage, digital signage comes with a whole lot of options and features. LED displays can easily catch a customer’s attention, even if it is placed under direct sunlight. With simple and efficient content management, retailers are mandated to keep their signage up-to-date and always attractive.

Experts in the industry point out that window digital signage is a way in which you can reach a customer even before he/she enters the store!

How to decide the type of signage to be used

Simply putting up a window LED display and hope for more traffic is not enough. Elements such as visibility of the display with different sunlight conditions and at night time should be considered. In addition to that, retailers should consider versatility and flexibility. There should be the possibility of positioning the LED display in a variety of ways (hung or mounted). The designing of the digital screen should be ‘smart’ so that it can be merged into any space.

The image/pixel quality on the LED display is also of utmost importance. With high definition videos and bright, catchy images and animations from their websites, retailers can attract customers. Window signage can also feature automated on or off for advertisements, depending on day of the week and time of day. Along with window displays, a more immersive experience can be provided by projecting content on walls outside the store.

Your signage should also be able to give a better ambiance to the store, while promoting special offers, supporting loyalty programs, informing about giveaways, contests and other such means of communicating with customers. This way retaining a customer’s attention is possible and it helps preventing shoppers from comparing products with competitors and online stores.


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