8 tips for making successful indoor way-finding church signs

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8 tips for making successful indoor way-finding church signs

Investing in indoor LED signs for way-finding is very important because it helps people to easily get to where they want to go in your church. In fact, the advantage with dynamic LED signs is that you don’t have to just stick to way-finding but a lot of other content can be displayed on these signs.

Here’s what you need to do in order to make your LED sign way-finding campaign for your church a successful one:

  1. A lot of research

Several types and sizes of LED displays are available to suit a variety of budgets. You could visit the LED Craft Inc website and have a look at the variety as well as what is a suitable size for your church and what power requirements would minimize your budget. You could also invest in some outdoor LED signs for your church for advertising purposes as well as outdoor way-finding for visitors.

  1. Walk around your church

Walk from one place to another in your church while imagining you are a first time visitor. Figure out what are the spots that visitors may need to decide about which part of the church they need to go to. For this job, maybe you could drag a friend along who is not so familiar with your church. Put your ideas in paper so it is easy to refer to later.

  1. Get ideas from stakeholders

Talk to people who regularly use your church and come to an agreement on room names and connection points. One room may be referred to with a couple of names. You have to prioritize and give each room only one name.

  1. Obtain quotes for your design

Give your ideas for the LED sign content design to a bunch of suppliers and get opinions from them and see if they can improve your ideas. Also get quotations based on all the features you want included in your digital sign. Make sure the installation and after service costs are also included so you don’t have to pay anything extra later on.

  1. Set your budget beforehand

Investing in LED signs systems is a heavy financial cost and hence it is better to plan your budget for this well in advance. Be sure to add a 10% contingency in your budget to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Test with focus groups

Once your church signs are placed throughout the facility, get together small focus groups who are first timers at your church and get them to walk through to see if the signs are performing as intended. This is the best way to test and refine your work.

  1. Double check your final artwork

After making changes in the previous step, the final artwork should be double checked. Check the position of the sign, the spelling and whether or not it makes directional sense.

  1. Revise and plan ahead

Once your indoor church sign system is up and running for awhile, you will receive feedback from visitors. For your next budget, allocate resources necessary to make any changes to the existing signage.

Making your signage system a huge success is a critical part of a visitor’s experience and makes that first visit a whole lot easier!


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