6 benefits that will make you invest in LED school signs

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6 benefits that will make you invest in LED school signs

With the emergence of digital media, audiences are becoming increasingly hard to reach when using traditional methods of communication. Hence educational institutes are forced to adapt to a digital environment by means of LED school signs on campus to reach their audiences.

Consequently, the education industry is now ranked as one of the top ten fastest growing markets to implement digital signage networks. If you do not invest in LED signs, your educational institution stands the risk of being left behind and may not be able to compete with other institutes when it comes to communicating with target markets. The end result is that your institute will not be in touch with a crucial audience.

By embracing into the digital world with LED school signs, your educational institute will become a modern, stimulating learning environment that can reach out to a wider community. With the educational sector becoming more competitive than ever before, digital signage will literally give your institute a completely different perception in the eyes of the public.

What happens when you don’t adapt to digitalization?

When there is no sign of digitalization in a school, it means they are struggling to meet basic needs of a varying audience. A negative impression is created – showing that the institute does not give priority to a stimulating environment.

In a school, LED displays will outshine the cluttered notice board which is quite dull, uninspiring and displays outdated information. On the other hand, digital signage in a school enhances the first impression of visitors and thereby translates into higher enrolment figures and better reviews of the school.

Here are some specific benefits of LED school signs that will impress you:

  1. Cost cutting


Switching to LED displays means there is reduced paper and printer usage, which instantly cuts costs. These costs will be cut over the entire lifespan of your LED display unit; which really is a long time indeed.

Furthermore, you now don’t need to rely on third party advertising methods such as newspapers and other event advertising because your LED screen will do the advertising for you. This means additional cost cuttings for your institute.

  1. Enhanced learning experience

Students are fascinated with technological interaction and making this a part of their classroom experience will surely encourage them. Visual stimulation is much more effective than a lesson, lecture or a textbook.

To implement digital signage in a classroom, all you need is an LED display, a media player and a protection for the display. With these items, you are pretty much all set.

  1. Better information distribution

Larger institutions would benefit more from this because targeted information can be distributed quickly. Strategic positioning of networked LED displays is required to successfully target the right audience at the right location.

In one digital signage campaign, you can reach your staff, students, and visitors, with absolutely no hassle of leaflet distribution for conveying information. Whether you are promoting a high school prom or a canteen menu, LED signs can do it all.

  1. Gives the school a superior image

LED school signs play a major role in making a first impression. Imagine how awed parents would be when they walk into the reception area of a school and are greeted with attractive displays on LED screens exhibiting student and school achievements! This can be a critical deciding factor for new parents when deciding whether or not their child should enroll at your college.

And what’s more? Students also feel a boost of morale and self esteem when they see their achievements being displayed publicly.

  1. More safety on campus

With a speedy information distribution system, emergency alerts can be communicated faster and could even help save lives. For example, if a fire has initiated on campus, LED displays around campus can serve as an exit guidance system.

  1. Increased revenue

On your digital signage network, you can advertise for merchants such as libraries, bookstores, pharmacies, canteens and so on in return for a rent for displaying the advertisement. This is a good way of making a quick return on your investment, and this is also valuable revenue that will add to your institution’s capital.


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