5 ways to protect your LED sign from Halloween Horror

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5 ways to protect your LED sign from Halloween Horror

Horror stories with regard to your LED sign installation may come in several forms. It could be a sudden blank LED screen, bad positioning of your screen or poor planning even.

Think about the following scenario:

  • You invest in a digital signage network that arrives right on time. A bunch of people unload the AV hardware and you are now all excited to finally have the network up and running.
  • Suddenly, the people who unloaded the equipment simply get back on their vehicle and happily drive away.
  • You are left stranded with a load of technical equipment with no idea how to make use of it.
  • All you can think about is why the delivery team could not install the LED sign network?!?
  • Now you wonder how you are going to explain this scenario to your boss….

To make sure your digital signage does not become a Halloween nightmare, follow these 5 protection tips.

Every detail should be planned

The process of digital signage is more than just ordering LED displays, media players and enclosures for your signage. You must have an installation strategy too. Who will install the signage? Also, can you depend on your digital signage provider to make sure the network is running successfully or do you need another team for that?

Do you need training to use the equipment you have purchased or are you familiar with the equipment? Does your supplier offer training? If so, please go ahead and use the training. Every additional bit of knowledge about your LED sign investment will only be beneficial for you. If you have trained yourself, you can train the other staff on your team on how to use the signage. When it comes to managing content and maintaining equipment, your training knowledge will make you proficient. You will thereby save money on maintenance and service charges. Also, you won’t need to rely on your digital signage suppliers to manage your content for you all the time.

The correct position matters

If your LED sign is positioned incorrectly, it will cost you in several ways:

  • Audience cannot view your sign and this means no increased sales or revenue
  • Having to reposition the LED display means downtime and as a result, there will be a loss of revenue and also, you may have to pay again for relocating the LED screen.

When it comes to a digital signage installation, positioning is EVERYTHING. You obviously don’t want a zero audience; you want a spot with high foot traffic in order to keep your LED display in the spotlight.

Tip: When the purpose of your digital sign is to offer an improved customer experience, a floor standing unit is extremely effective when positioned strategically.

The correct orientation matters too

In addition to the position, a landscape or portrait oriented LED display is also relevant. It is important to make sure that your content is designed according to your orientation choice. There are many horror stories for digital signage involving content designed in the wrong orientation format!

Check, check and check again

The last thing you want to damage your company reputation is your LED display showing a dreaded blue screen. Once the installation project of your digital signage is complete, check if all the equipment is working correctly. The hardware and software should be installed correctly. Failing equipment is not just costly but also time consuming and very harmful to your image.

Protect your signage

After spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on your brand new LED sign network, imagine you wake up one morning and see that your LED displays have been vandalized! It then strikes that you forgot to order protection for your screens. Protection purchasing is often overlooked until you experience theft or vandalism. But why wait for such a horror story? Be prepared.


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