5 strategies to maintain a strong relationship between outdoor digital signage and your business

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5 strategies to maintain a strong relationship between outdoor digital signage and your business

For an outdoor digital advertising campaign, the key criteria are as follows: cost, logistics, appearance and return on investment. You may think outdoor LED signs are an added pressure for your small business and it is quite natural to be nervous. But what you need to realize is that outdoor digital advertising is beneficial for the long run; way beyond just the initial implementation period.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you make outdoor LED signage a permanent part of your business.


Get quotes from a few suppliers of LED displays and compare the quotes. Don’t settle for the first price you get, and keep in mind that you don’t need the most expensive items on the market for your campaign to be successful.

Because of popular use of LED signs, the cost has fallen drastically and every small business can now afford to set up an outdoor digital signage network. When it comes to outdoor advertising, most of the cost goes towards protecting the equipment that will be placed outdoors.


An airtight logistical plan is of utmost importance. Your initial setup will need LED screens, media players as well as outdoor signage enclosures. It is best to buy the complete package from one LED sign manufacturing company such as LED Craft Inc so as to grab the best deal and avail the benefits of installation and after sales services. This way there is less pressure on you and higher chances that the project will run smoothly. Working with one supplier also means coordination is easier and in case of any hurdles, there is just one point of contact for troubleshooting.


Your LED sign should obviously reflect your business and brand. From the hardware that you choose to the content that you display, your signage will improve brand exposure. You can have brand enclosures with logos or customize the enclosure to match company colors. This will allow customers to better identify your brand. It is not just the LED screen content that delivers powerful messages; the hardware around the screen can also lock your brand into a customer’s mind.

Presentation is power
First impressions count

This is why the marketing message you display on the outdoor signage will have higher retention rates amongst customers. Due to the flexibility involved with digital signage, it is a convenient option to experiment with different messaging styles, animations and videos to figure out what attracts your audience the most.

By adapting to LED signs, customers are seeing a fresh appearance of your company and are also happy that your brand is demonstrating a shift towards technological trends that customers are fond of.

Potential for growth

When investing in an outdoor digital sign campaign, it is important to think long term and be prepared for growth. You have to keep in mind that with technological changes, your hardware may need upgrades; equipment may need to be replaced when they fail to function, and so on. Build your system in a way where you can switch individual components when needed rather than upgrading the entire system.

Return on Investment

Do you think the return on your investment will be worth spending so much on outdoor digital signage? Yes, of course! Going digital outdoors will present several opportunities to boost revenue, be it by increasing customer spending or renting out the signage to third parties.

Digital signage investments guarantee to cover the investment cost in an average of 12-18 months. All digital activity can be analyzed, making ROI measurements easier. For example, you can identify customers who are entering your store as a result of having seen an outdoor LED display owned by your business.


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