5 effective ways for retailers to retain customers with LED signs

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5 effective ways for retailers to retain customers with LED signs

On the outside, media makes it look like brick-and-mortal retailers are struggling to survive. They say some industry leaders are significantly laying back their storefront presence while some are completely closing down.  Well, it is true that e-commerce is rupturing the brick-and-mortar space, but these media reports seem extremely exaggerated.

Customers are still fond of going shopping and most people are not completely closed to the idea of in-store shopping experiences. They are not interested in living life between the walls of their home and having everything brought to their doorstep. Going out and shopping, meeting and interacting with people such as knowledgeable retail assistants is still something that people look forward to. Also, there is an unmatchable advantage of seeing and handling a product before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Providing a unique shopping experience is the biggest success criteria for retailers in recovering foot traffic. Here are 5 ways in which retailers can go the extra mile to enhance brick-and-mortar retail shopping experiences:

Provide a smooth and seamless experience

One of the flagship stores at a mall in Dubai has installed signage that allows the store employees to instantly update content. Customers find their way to the store with the help of smooth way-finding directions that takes them to the relevant brand they are looking out for. Each department at the store features video content of the particular brands available there. There is also a section known as VIP check-out for loyal customers. LED screens here advertise special promotions to most frequent customers.

Encourage customers to interact

An interactive holiday store in UK offers customers a unique experience in selecting their next cruise holiday. Shoppers passing by the retail store are drawn in with window digital screens and a video wall displaying 4k content. Inside the store, video walls stream live content from the cruise’s own TV channel. With the implementation of touchscreen displays, choosing a holiday is like a game for families.

Make use of beacon technology

The overall digital experience can be enhanced with the use of beacon technology to increase audience engagement and provide a personalized experience. Two-way communication is possible between the LED screen and the customer’s mobile device. Highly targeted promotions based on location can be delivered in this manner and also, customers can control the playback on digital signage from their mobile device.

Use social media to engage customers

A high end retailer in Las Vegas has introduced experiential shopping in a digitally enhanced format. They have a total of 28 LED screens inside the store along with a 55-inch interactive screen at the center of the store. When this center screen is lying idle, social media content such as Instagram feeds and local weather forecasting information is displayed. When a customer touches the screen, they can go through online catalogs and also have fun with the selfie camera by scrolling through various backdrops and taking selfies in front of them.

Produce a wow factor

Another flagship store in Mexico City has recently simulated an overhead stained glass ceiling with a 60-inch LED sphere. A full ceiling LED display is also installed above the store’s courtyard which is 66 feet high! Innovations like these definitely make customers go – “WOW”!

So as we can see, retailers are still very much in the game. All they need to do is to hit the right formula and keep up with the digital age. Tech savvy retailers are doing just that – using advanced LED signs to deliver unique experiences and bringing back customers to their stores.


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