4 strategies that will prepare your restaurant for the tech revolution

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4 strategies that will prepare your restaurant for the tech revolution

Just like every other industry is being transformed by technology, restaurants are no exception. Online ordering, loyalty programs and digital menu boards are just a few technologies that restaurants are being introduced to.

Large franchises that have been around for decades find it quite challenging to transition from traditional methods to advanced ones. Here’s how experts recommend such restaurants should deal with the whole tech revolution…

1.    Consider the overall picture

Technology has influenced the restaurant industry in the following ways:

  • Management
  • Diner convenience
  • Diner experience

Restaurants need to look at a holistic approach to dealing with these effects.

Simply developing an online application or installing a restaurant LED sign for digital menus to impress customers is not worth it if the management is unable to adjust from an everyday operations perspective. If you get nestled into these individual technologies, the overall picture is forgotten and that leads to disruption.

Customer expectations are ever-changing, and what they really want is an online experience that is the same as the one received at the virtual store.

2.    Don’t get too formal

Sometimes, the traditional corporate suit and tie image being projected on social media and other digital platforms does not work very well. Experts believe that such companies should get rid of that image and bend down to the audience’s level. Speak out in a language that the audience can relate to and be prepared with thick skin to receive some negative feedback.

3.    Keep in mind the real purpose for the tech revolution

One of the main reasons why restaurants are going digital is due to the belief that labor costs will reduce. However, this may not be practically true. With more LED displays there is a bigger brand awareness, with more digital kiosks and a bigger online presence, restaurants will have more orders, which means more employees will be required at the back end to cope up with the orders.

The real value of these digital tools lies in the ability to enhance the customer experience provided.

Here are a few ways in which digital menus for example can improve a customer experience:

  • Promote new items
  • Provide customized content based on the dietary needs of a customer
  • Digital menus can comply with upcoming FDA regulations and make labeling much simpler. With traditional menu boards, restaurants found it deadly to put stickers all over with regard to the nutritional information of every item.

4.    Give priority to employees

When the discussion is more towards improving customer experiences, employees who are running the business daily are often forgotten. Restaurant managers should make sure the LED displays engage with employees as well.

This can be done in the form of providing employees some digital training or introducing them to online ordering and other such smart tools.

The tech revolution in a restaurant should not just improve customer experience but employee experience as well. If the employees aren’t happy, they will not work hard to keep the customers happy.


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