4 reasons why outdoor LED signs should be “tough”

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4 reasons why outdoor LED signs should be “tough”

You are probably wondering why an LED display needs to be ‘tough’? When looking to invest in digital signs, the usual features that you would consider are display resolution, quality of sound and extra functionalities. Well, these features are good enough for internal environments such as offices and shops. But outdoor LED signs are moving to the mainstream and it is becoming extremely essential for them to have ‘tough’ bodies that are durable and can withstand impacts of the external environment.

Here’s why…

  1. Bad vibrations

One of the main reasons why carpets and rugs are used as floor coverings is to reduce the vibration levels. Hence when people walk on carpets, there is much less noise than people walking on wooden flooring.

Right now you are probably thinking how can these minor vibration levels be harmful to LED signs? Well as the number of vibrations increases, humans and other objects within the vicinity get rattled to a somewhat dangerous point. For these reasons, humans wear protective gear such as ear pieces and similarly, outdoor LED displays need protection to remain tough.

  1. Moisture

For areas that experience rainy weather, snow and extreme cold, moisture plays a critical role. The moisture created results in two big problems for an LED screen. For one, water and electricity combination can cause havoc; which is why any outdoor LED display unit should protect its electronic components from any contact with water.

Another problem with continuous water contact for display technology is that of corrosion. There are high percentages of metal components used in display technology which will obviously be prone to rust. If these components are not protected, they will soon degrade and may even be completely destroyed.

  1. Dust

While cold weather and rain creates moisture, warm and windy weather produces dust that can also be harmful to display technology. Dust is mostly a product of dry weather conditions and this environmental pollutant that occurs in all sorts of weather conditions should be kept away from LED signage and its components. Pollutants such as dust can clog up an LED display to an extent that can prevent the equipment from functioning properly.

  1. Vandalism

Theft and vandalism is another important factor that LED sign investors should keep in mind when it comes to outdoor displays. A protection layer is a must to prevent anyone who tries to steal or damage the components of an outdoor electronic sign.

In making outdoor signage ‘tough’, the main thing to keep in mind is that it should be totally sealed against all the above external hazards and should still perform the way it is supposed to. Several LED sign manufacturers are addressing this issue as priority and as technology advances, prices of outdoor electronic signs and the protection that comes with it will drop further as it becomes mainstream.


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