Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • Digital Signage Technology

Why should CIOs be in charge of visual display technology

Companies are heavily investing in visual display technology and for this reason, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are faced with a major challenge after finding that several digital solutions are in place for just one organization! In the digital world, managers are aiming to replace traditional paper notices, static posters and so on with indoor digital

  • Outdoor Digital Signs

Smart cities on the rise with Outdoor Digital Signs

Outdoor digital signage is undoubtedly changing the perspective of towns and cities across the world. Businesses trying to increase revenue is not the only aim with outdoor signs nowadays. City officials are working together to make that shift to smart cities, which they believe is essential for a city’s growth and development. According to 2018

  • Restaurant LED Signs

Helpful tips on how restaurants can survive in the digital world

For restaurants to make a transition into the digital world – from traditional advertising methods to LED signs, mobile and online advertising – it is indeed a major challenge. Adding to that is the issue of measuring return on investment when launching a digital campaign. Experts in the industry share their views on measuring digital

  • Digital Signage Market

The Digital Signage Industry: Trends in 2019

Since a few years now, the digital signage market has undoubtedly become a means for mainstream communication. Although most LED signage campaigns are about retail advertising, information-based applications are now growing at a fast pace. Before getting into the trends of 2019, a couple of embracing digital signage promises should be kept in mind: A


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