Monthly Archives: February 2019

  • Outdoor LED Signage

Tips for creating effective digital signage in 2019

Just like the classic New Year song states – old friendships should never be forgotten as those are the most important ones.  At the beginning of a New Year, let’s look at some previous digital signage strategies that turned out both good and bad, and then see how better relationships can be maintained with your

  • Indoor LED Signs

What the future holds for indoor digital signage

With the rapid expansion of digital signage, every market and industry is now making use of it; particularly in the indoor sector. Large and small retailers are using LED signs to provide a better customer experience, improve branding, and simply to advertise. According to the “Digital Signage Future Trends Report”, two-thirds of retailers who participated

  • Window Digital Signage

Attract retail customers with window LED signs

Today’s millennial generation often have their heads buried in their phones whenever you look at them. Apart from that, retailers face competition from mobile marketers who are becoming smarter, with the use of beacon technology to target ads directly to prospective customers. Furthermore, outdoor LED displays are also in the run for grabbing user attention.


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