Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • LED Signage in the Car Park

6 ways to use LED signage in the car parking industry

Ever thought about how a parking lot could make use of digital signs? Surprisingly, most parking facilities throughout the world have not realized the convenience of this investment. 30,000 car parking spaces is how big the world’s largest car park is (West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada). Digital signage in this facility could work wonders

  • Smart LED Displays

3 upcoming trends in the digital signage industry

The digital signage industry is all about a fusion of different displays, media players and software packages. If one carefully notices these latest technologies, they can all blend together into just a handful of key categories, and these are: more usage of IoT, better content management and insight strategies and the increase in number of

  • Digital Signage in Shopping Mall

How audience feedback can boost digital signage

With the help of carefully drafted surveys, your targeted audience has been very kind to give you some important feedback. With this valuable information, you now no which of your LED sign content is effective and which is not working too well. So what do you do with all this important information? It is advisable


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