Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • Restaurant LED Signs

4 strategies that will prepare your restaurant for the tech revolution

Just like every other industry is being transformed by technology, restaurants are no exception. Online ordering, loyalty programs and digital menu boards are just a few technologies that restaurants are being introduced to. Large franchises that have been around for decades find it quite challenging to transition from traditional methods to advanced ones. Here’s how

  • Digital LED Screen

Why do you think customers are ignoring your signage?

Imagine you bought a friend, family member or a spouse an expensive gift and they react to it in a very insignificant manner… discouraging isn’t it? They will probably say ‘thank you’ at first, but their face shows a ‘why have you got me this?’ kind of look… If you are in the digital signage

  • Outdoor LED Display

FAQs before investing in an outdoor LED display

Suppose you have only invested in indoor LED signs till date and are now looking to improvise on your outdoor signage by switching to outdoor LED displays, there are some entirely new challenges that you have to take into consideration. Your current hardware may have worked well in a controlled environment indoors, but when it

  • Outdoor LED Display

Epic formula to keep you LED display safe

For outdoor usage of electronic displays, here are some things that should be considered: Daylight Basic consumer screens are not designed to be read in sunlight. Consequently, there is a heavy demand for high bright screens – also known as sunlight or daylight readable LED displays. Such screens are designed for visibility in extreme sunlight


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