Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Interactive Displays = better quality at lesser costs

The use of multi touch interactive displays have become widespread in the past few years. They were once seen as devices only used by organizations who had transformed themselves digitally and wanted to live on the technological forefront. Today, interactive LED displays are used in many more applications such as schools, retail environments, hotels, studios,

  • Indoor LED Signs in Shopping Mall

Digital tools help retailers create stronger bonds with customers

While on one hand technology is consistently advancing, electronic retailers are controlling LED displays and other such tools to create a stronger bond with consumers. Look at digital devices such as smart phones and portable music players for example. These have become an essential part of our daily lives. Adding to this trend since of

  • The Fear of Technology

4 ways to convince technophobes to invest in LED signs

Who are technophobes? Those who are afraid of trusting advanced technologies. Such people have several objections to the digital signage industry too, but most of those are not very difficult to deal with. All you need is gentle, evidence based persuasions to ease the uncertainty. If you actually look at where the problem lies for


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