Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Indoor Digital Signage

Re-purpose digital signage content and bring it back to life

By reading the topic of this article, you are probably thinking that re-purposing your content to market your products is not the right thing to do. We can give you many reasons why your existing marketing material should be re-used and how it can help your marketing staff as well as your brand image. Some

  • Digital Signage in Mall

The expansion of localized digital advertising

Advertising was one of the first uses for digital signage. When considering LED screens for advertising, what first comes to mind are large billboards and costly video walls. We also think about retail hubs, urban cities and bus shelters for advertising. Star celebrities are used on adverts and word of mouth in every household is

  • Airport Digital Signage Display

How LED signs can be used at airports

For many years now, airports have begun to introduce self check in kiosks to help eliminate waiting times and to give travelers many check in options. After having implemented these digital kiosks, the airports saw a 30% drop in wait times from about 27 minutes to less than 20 minutes on average for checking in.

  • Outdoor LED Displays in LED Craft Inc

4 reasons why outdoor LED signs should be “tough”

You are probably wondering why an LED display needs to be ‘tough’? When looking to invest in digital signs, the usual features that you would consider are display resolution, quality of sound and extra functionalities. Well, these features are good enough for internal environments such as offices and shops. But outdoor LED signs are moving

  • LED Signs in Shopping Malls

How to avoid the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ with an LED signage deployment

A very well known problem in businesses today - the sunk cost fallacy - encourages you to make decisions to counter to your best interests rather than making a rational choice. Because this happens a lot in the technology industry, let’s take a technology investment to express this problem: for example, you have invested in


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