Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Halloween Horror LED Signs

5 ways to protect your LED sign from Halloween Horror

Horror stories with regard to your LED sign installation may come in several forms. It could be a sudden blank LED screen, bad positioning of your screen or poor planning even. Think about the following scenario: You invest in a digital signage network that arrives right on time. A bunch of people unload the AV

  • Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

A useful guide to buying restaurant LED signs

A common goal amongst all restaurant owners is to make customers happy whilst at the same time, maintaining low operational costs. Although these two goals seem paradoxical, there is one solid solution to this dilemma – the use of digital menu boards. Here’s a quick look at the benefits provided by digital menu boards. Consistency

  • Digital Billboards

Who said digital signage investments are costly and complicated?

While many people believe that a digital signage campaign involves heavy investments in hardware, software and maintenance, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A fixed image of “digital signage” in the marketplace is that it is an efficient way of communicating ideas and information. Moreover, just like any other technology, this one too

  • Digital Signage

2017 Updated guide to Digital Signage for your Manufacturing Facility

Digital signage for a manufacturing facility offers savings in terms of time and money, and also in making the entire system more efficient. This guide will give you a complete understanding on how you should plan you strategies, choose a suitable system and focus on data-driven communication for your manufacturing facility. Strategy Planning Your objectives

  • Digital Signage Software

Effective strategies to deal with digital signage software

LED sign systems look like a simple piece of equipment on the outset – a display, a media player and software. Getting these tools to work together is often a challenging task. And when there are complex features of content creation such as 4K, 3D and more, it gets more complicated. Hence, when selecting a


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