Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Digital Signage LED Craft Inc

Points to ponder for digital signage investments

While LED signs are a promising technology for many, the cost is often a restricting factor for many companies. What potential investors need to realize is that the benefits of digital signage significantly outweigh the costs. LED screen, a media player, content creation and updating, integration and maintenance are the basic costs of a digital

  • West Cheshire School LED Signs

6 benefits that will make you invest in LED school signs

With the emergence of digital media, audiences are becoming increasingly hard to reach when using traditional methods of communication. Hence educational institutes are forced to adapt to a digital environment by means of LED school signs on campus to reach their audiences. Consequently, the education industry is now ranked as one of the top ten

  • Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

8% increase in sales with digital menus at drive thru windows

An estimated 70% of a fast food restaurant’s sales takes place at its drive thru windows. Digital signage has the potential to increase sales by a further 8% at these drive thru windows! Restaurant managers often look at success stories of other restaurants and use those techniques to boost revenue at their own restaurants. Sometimes

  • Indoor Hospital LED Sign

How to make the most of an LED sign system for your healthcare facility

In the healthcare industry, there are different audiences that you have to communicate with for different purposes. Some examples include: Patients waiting in the lobby for their turn Upcoming classes for outpatients Policy reminders to staff As a result, the goal here is to convey relevant information to the relevant audience in a timely manner,


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