Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Digital Menu Boards

How to overcome challenges of a 2017 digital menu board campaign

Traditional cardboard menu boards are more often than not in the trash bins of restaurants nowadays. Replacing those are the LEDrestaurant signs that are preferred by customers. Massive restaurant chains such as MC Donald’s and Subway have successfully transformed into digital menu boards, which prove that LED signs are much more popular than ever before.

  • LED School Signs

How to create a smarter learning atmosphere with LED school signs

Question: How can you attract a student of today’s generation who just won’t bother lifting her head from her smart phone? Answer: Make your LED school sign system efficient, robust and user friendly. The system should also be as engaging as all other smart devices owned by students, professors and other staff on campus. By

  • Digital Signage for Libraries

Effective ways of using LED Signs in libraries

Once upon a time, the purpose of a local library was to lend books, CDs and movies. Today, way more services are being offered and hence real-time communication is essential to maintain relevance in a digital world. How is the role of local libraries transforming? Libraries are becoming: Information hubs Conference centers Great location for

  • LED Signs for Bus Stop

3 ways to successfully implement LED Signs

Throughout the marketplace, LED displays have become an ultimate source for engaging customers and as a result, every business is looking for new ways to deliver unique guest experiences. Just like the evolution of business needs, LED technology is changing to adapt to those needs. Industry evolution presents a great challenge for business decision makers


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