Monthly Archives: March 2017

  • LED Church Signs

8 tips for making successful indoor way-finding church signs

Investing in indoor LED signs for way-finding is very important because it helps people to easily get to where they want to go in your church. In fact, the advantage with dynamic LED signs is that you don’t have to just stick to way-finding but a lot of other content can be displayed on these

  • LED Billboards

Transforming retail shopping with digital shelf-edge

At the shelf-edge: 76% purchase decisions are made 60% brand alternating decisions are made YET, the power of shelf edge as a tool for marketing is often underestimated. Paper printed shelf-edges only inform customer of the price of a product. With digital technology innovations, LED billboards can be used on shelf edges to provide vital,

  • LED School Signs

Break the freshman ice with a digital scavenger hunt

It is the beginning of the school year where a whole new batch of students has just come into the school and returning students may need a refreshing start. With the help of LED school signs, the administration can encourage students to feel comfortable, interact with one another and find their way about the campus.

  • Indoor LED signs

Strategic ideas for LED sign placement and uses in banks

LED Sign Placement LED Signs located almost anywhere can create an impact and strengthen a brand. Banks may place signs inside, outside and any spot they find feasible for an LED sign. Some areas are more powerful than others. Let us discuss what the most powerful areas for placing LED signs are. Building Entrance: By

  • LED Screen Content

Tips for maintaining brand continuity in designing LED screen content

The display technology in digital signage has seen several changes in the past few years. Starting out with 36-42 inch flat panel LED displays, today we are looking at displays larger than 86 inches, multiple display video walls, 4K resolution, and OLED display screens. Moreover, social media channels are becoming a means of video messaging

  • Outdoor Digital Signage

How financial institutions can benefit from LED Signage

While bank branches are reducing in numbers, research shows that banks still play a major role in serving customers of a financial institution. In 2015, 80% of Americans have visited a bank branch. Customers are spending only about 5-10 minutes at the bank branch. Hence financial institutions (FIs) have to be extremely quick and effective


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