Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • LED Signs Administrator

Centralization – Easy management of LED Signs

Leading franchises in all industries, whether hospitality or retail or restaurants, have turned towards digital signage to keep up with the current trends as well as meet the ever growing digital demands of customers. With the help of LED signs, brands are able to promote and inform customers about deals, campaigns, video ads, menu boards, 

  • LED Street Lights

Future of LED Street Lighting – What to Expect

The numbers of LED street lights in operation all around the globe today are approximately 300 million and this figure is expected to grow to more than 330 million within the next decade. Traditional street lights utilize technology that is even more efficient than the lights used in our homes. So one would think that

  • Billboard LED Displays

Success stories for digital billboard revolutions

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who are in the industry of digital displays may find it simple to understand how the outdoor advertising industry is being revolutionized by dynamic and conditional content. There have been several hundreds or even thousands of articles published regarding the benefits of digital billboards over traditional  billboards. So instead of repeating the

  • LED Gas Price Sign

Hand painted to led gas price sign

That prominent and well lit LED gas price sign outside your fuel station is the backbone of the fuel industry. But this sign can provide good news as well as bad news to those driving by. It reminds consumers that the current price is this and that the next time they need to re-fuel, they


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