Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • LED Sign Street Lighting

New lights promise colorful, safer downtown St. Louis

More than 2,000 downtown streetlights will get colorful light strips with “smart technology” as part of an effort to brand downtown and improve public safety. The $4 million project also will replace old halogen bulbs in so-called “cobra head streetlights” with the light-emitting diode bulbs. The project, led by the nonprofit group Downtown STL, is

  • Indoor LED Signs

LED signs for queue management= Incredible results

Queues involve customers waiting in a line with nothing much to do besides ‘waiting’. Digital signage is about attracting customers and engaging them with some interesting content. Don’t these two concepts sound like a match made in heaven? LED signs can take queue management to a whole new level to provide incredible results. How queues

FAQs on Outdoor LED Signs

Purchasing an outdoor LED sign is a heavy investment and you would obviously want to make sure it will last long for you to make the most out of it. Before making the decision, you probably have questions regarding your sign. Here is a list of a few FAQs that many people are concerned about

  • Customized LED Display Solutions

Smart and effective ways of dealing with LED signage challenges

According to IT professionals, managing complexity is one of the biggest challenges faced with LED signage investments. This refers more specifically to managing content, keeping it up-to-date and keeping costs low, all at the same time is a big challenge. Let us discuss these problems in detail first and then come up with smart and


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