Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Unique LED Displays

Unique LED displays can stretch customer imagination

LED signs have now become the standard wherever you find people shopping, eating, traveling, studying, working or simply gathering. Increasing sales, better branding, enhancing customer experiences and convincing them to purchase, and reduce perceived waiting times are just a few examples of how LED displays are useful. The ultimate goal with digital signs is to

  • Anxiety and Boredom vs LED Signs

LED signs to the rescue of patient anxiety and boredom

Scheduling and executing a visit to your healthcare provider should not be an anxiety- inducing affair. But due to emergency care services, extensive campus sizes, and long waits, the visit forms up to be a traumatic experience for patients. And those patients who can control their anxiousness by remaining calm often find waiting rooms dull

Tips and tricks to maximize visual performance on high-res LED display

As recently as a couple of years ago, the hottest topic in the industry of LED displays is that of high resolution or high definition screens. With lower power consumption and higher reliability of these high resolution LED displays, the operating cost of the finished product reduces dramatically. Furthermore, technology allows for creating these displays


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