Monthly Archives: May 2016

How LED signs help retailers stand out

According to recent research, consumer confidence level is at its peak, real disposable income levels are growing and consumers are willing to spend more on non-essential items. Retailers should grab this opportunity and cater to niche markets. Differentiation For an independent retailer, the key to success is ‘differentiation’. Small retailers may not be able to

Campus Crisis Management with LED signage networks

Disaster emergency situations are such that no one really wants to think about them or prepare for them in advance. But when disaster actually strikes, schools and campuses need to know how to react, especially considering the number of lives of students and teachers that are at stake! An LED signage network allows campuses to

Strategic use of LED signs in the Hotel Industry

Initially, LED screens were only used in the hotel industry in the form of televisions in hotel rooms. This technology soon made its way outside the vicinity of hotel rooms and into lobby areas, conference centers, restaurants, hallways and other common areas by way of flat screen monitors and digital signage networks. Why a hotel

Creating a fantastic looking display according to human eye

Our eyes are easily attracted to a contrast of rich and deep colors. This is most often the goal when designing LED displays. But achieving a perfect outcome does not happen always. A fantastic-looking display is produced by matching the capabilities of human eye with the kind of technology that can take advantage of those

Correct digital billboard placement = Massive revenue

Digital billboards are over a decade old and yet people are going on about it being a very expensive and risky investment. Ask anyone who has invested in a digital billboard and they will tell you that it is no doubt a great investment, provided you place them in the correct location. Being strategic about


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