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5 Reasons Your Business Benefits from a Digital Signage

TechTarget defines digital signage as a type of advertising that uses video or multimedia content displays in public places. It’s becoming a popular option for companies these days, though, over traditional signage. Here are five reasons to give it a try: 1. Rapid improvement. As with a lot of modern systems and products these days,

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What’s an LED Street Light?

Typically, an LED Street Light is a lamp comprised of multiple small LED bulbs which sits on top of a pole. Generally, an LED street light may be utilized in the same ways that traditional street lights are, like to offer light on sidewalks, roadways, and parking spaces. LED street lights are growing in popularity

Why LED signs are replacing print communication

Although print communications have been effective in the past, LED signage is now quickly taking over. While the world is efficiently adapting to digital technology, the retail industry should do so too. Retail LED signs possess the power of technology and exclusive content in order to advertise products, service and any other information. Retailers have

Strategies to improve hospital self esteem with LED signs

Employees within a healthcare facility such as a hospital or clinic often face life and death situations that are happening at an extremely fast pace. As a result, staff may be stressed out and this can be a de-motivating factor. Indoor LED signs can be used to meet the hierarchy of needs to your employees

Secrets to successful LED sign installation

If you decide to invest in LED signage, one thing’s for sure: you want it to succeed. The amount of time and money invested in such a campaign is too valuable to let it fail. So what are the key strategies that lead to a successful digital signage installation? Here we can refer to one

Evolution of content in the LED sign industry

While 63% of people agree that an LED sign attracts their attention, and 42% of people prefer to visit stores that have an LED display, is it really the content that is attracting people towards the LED screen? Or is it a cleverly strategized LED signage campaign? Strategy rules; not content. Businesses in a variety

Common mistakes large chains make with LED signs

When studying the industry of restaurant LED signs, it is quite noticeable that larger chains often struggle with successful digital menu boards while smaller chains thrive in this field. Surprising as it may seem, let us study why this may be so. In the US, three major restaurant chains invested in a total of 1200

Purchasing an LED sign

When investing in an LED sign, it is very important to know where the craftsmanship is from. This is because many times when people order for an LED sign, it turns out to be completely different from expectations. Craftsmanship from United States means guaranteed quality of the LED sign and usually boasts more than 100,000


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