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Uses of LED School Signs

Effective communication within a school/campus is of utmost importance. While students are glued to their personal technology devices, schools should make use of them too for effective learning. LED School signs can be used in a number of situations to overcome communication challenges faced by educational organizations today. Capturing Traffic Study which areas inside the

Secrets behind amazing ROI in the billboard business

When you look at a billboard, you probably just regard it as a company advertising something on a busy highway. What many of us don’t know is that digital billboards are a high performing machine in terms of making money. In reality, billboards provide the most ROI in the real estate sector. Here’s why: Minimal

“Digital signage”: A successful solution for any business

While big businesses may not feel the pinch of the investment much, small businesses need to carefully spend every available dollar. Even though LED signs may not fit your budget, think hard for ways to accommodate this investment. A recent study revealed that there is a 60% increase in sales during checkout for businesses who

Church LED Signs are a necessity for success

A few years ago, the question was whether or not a Church should have a website? Should projectors be used in worship centers? Today, asking such questions is nearly classified as being silly. Of course a Church should have a website. Of course technology should be used in places of worship. If you want new

Come up with a strategic rate setting for your digital billboard and you will see amazing results for you as well as your advertisers.

Just like technology has provided us with personalized experiences for almost anything, the advertising industry also needs to cater to customized advertisements. Consumers expect to see a media experience that connects them to individualized products. Outdoor LED signs are the most effective way in providing that personalized experience to consumers. Those investing in outdoor LED

Quick guide to rate setting for digital billboards

Whether your digital billboard is the first one within the area or you are putting up a new one in an area that already has many digital billboards, rate setting is essential for success of your digital billboard. Extremely high rates might chase advertisers away while rates that are too low might mean you are

Necessities for a billboard ground lease

From a landowner’s viewpoint, here are a few initial things you need for a good billboard ground lease: Higher CPI for base rent When talking about ground leases, the average life span is about 20 years. In such long time periods, predicting inflation is impossible. Therefore, without preparing for situations such as extreme inflation, you

Importance of investing in LED signs

While static signs are gradually diminishing, LED signs are being used more than ever before. Due to technological advancements, digital signage is now extremely accessible. But there are more important reasons why LED signs are a useful solution for companies who once made use of traditional signage. Flexibility Traditional signage has only two ways of


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