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Getting smart with your city authorities

Without the permission of city authorities, building, renting or maintaining an LED sign is impossible. They have great power and you need to think smart to deal with them in a manipulative way. Get Personal Walk around the city office and look for the person who issues billboard permits in your area. Don’t be too

Strategies for effective billboard artwork

Follow these basic and proven steps if you want to guarantee your client with an effective and attractive billboard. Failure to use this information may result in illegible and ineffective digital billboards. Simplicity There are two reasons why a billboard should not have more than just a few words: Grasping too much text while driving

Quick guide to building a digital billboard

Step One Gather all information related to billboard placement. This includes city and state regulations for front and side setback, exact dimensions of the billboard structure, and how far the light fixtures are from the catwalks. Basically, all information determining sign placement has to be collected. Step Two With all this information, map out the

How to measure ROI on LED signs

As more and more organizations are realizing its value, there has been a rapid increase in popularity of LED signs. Despite its great value, just throwing money into the investment is not going to give you best returns. Here is a guide to how you can measure your ROI for electronic signs: Define and express

Tips for dealing with billboard obstructions

If you are planning to build a digital billboard and are worried about some tree obstructions, it is better to deal with it before construction begins. Flag the height of your sign and see what obstructions need to be dealt with. Dealing with obstructions after the sign is built can sometimes become an unsolvable problem.

How to purchase an outdoor billboard

Instead of building a billboard from scratch, you may want to purchase an existing billboard at a reasonable price. The latter option eliminates the stress of having to build the billboard itself, undertaking risk of errors, obtaining permits, and so on. In the case of purchasing a pre-existing outdoor billboard, you know exactly what you

Quick guide for using LED signs in the retail industry

Nearly 25% of jobs in the U.S economy are supported by the retails industry, which has over $2.6 trillion annual impact on the national gross domestic product. U.S boasts of almost $3.8 million retail establishments in several fields all over the country. Therefore, any tool that will boost sales for retailer will not just be

Minor billboard business investment leads to huge upsides

For companies who have goals much higher than a small stock market upside, it is probably a great choice to invest in the outdoor LED signs business. While the upsides are massive, the downsides are negligible and the opportunities are endless! Upsides: Several new locations for billboards can be found and permits for them can

Digital Signage trends for 2016

Here is a look at what experts have to say on the biggest trends for the LED signage industry in the year 2016. 2016 is a promise for taking convergence of devices in terms of digital signage to a whole new level. Sensors are just one device that presents a whole lot of opportunities for


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