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The future of Drive-Thru with restaurant LED signs

It won’t be too long before restaurants embrace with the LED technology to come up with creative and engaging customer experiences at their drive-thru. Dynamic restaurant LED signs work in combination with beacon, mobile and point-of-sale technologies that are placed all over the restaurant chain. These devices provide restaurants with a large number of marketing

Smart marketing strategies with interactive LED signs

Interactive LED signs provide amazing strategies for marketing your business. Here’s how: The customer experience model With the availability of sophisticated tools, businesses can now learn and predict customer behaviour and accordingly design customized experiences for them. In addition to providing an enhanced customer experience, interactive LED signs can also track the performance of this

Quick guide to overcoming permission roadblocks for LED billboards

Before installing an LED billboard, obtaining the necessary permission is a must for any organization. This process can be a challenge to many because it involves getting suppliers, customers, sign companies and the municipal office all onto the same page. The main objective for everyone should be to enhance the town’s landscape and community. If

How LED School signs can improve communication

Soon the holidays will be over and it will be time for students to change their bedtimes, throw their books into their bags and head towards the morning bus every day. Getting back to school after a long break is quite stressful for students and when information is not conveyed in an appropriate manner, faculty

Creative LED signage resolutions for 2016

Over the past few years, technology has been moving at lightning speed and businesses have to keep up with this speed. The list of technologies available for organizations is endless, more so where visual communications are concerned. With creative strategies for using LED signs, a business can gain unique advantages to distinguish themselves from its

Technicalities of an LED Sign

Every manufacturer in the LED sign industry has their unique ideas of what makes up an LED sign module. This constitution is based on the count and size of LED pixel groupings. In situations where competition is high, additional details such as matrix, pixel pitch and viewing distance should be considered to provide a better

Strategic queue management with indoor LED signs

One of the major frustrations for customers visiting a store, institute, healthcare facility or any other organization is the waiting time. Indoor LED signs provide a helpful solution for managing customer flow with unpredictable waiting times. The general rule of thumb here is the following: time that is occupied seems shorter than time that is

Outdoor LED Signs are now replacing streets signs

LED signs and digital media is the latest in all industries. It is what everyone is talking about. Street LED signs are real and they do exist in the real world. The features of this dynamic directional signage make it perfect for use in trade shows, brand events and outdoor festivals. It also helps particularly

How SMBs should use combo LED signs to stand out

In every industry, small and medium sized business are struggling to compete with large corporates. Combo LED signs certainly offer a helping hand in this struggle, by guaranteeing attention of customers, driving traffic and increasing sales. Here are a few reasons why it is mandatory for SMBs to invest in LED signs. Widespread appeal for

Getting smart with indoor LED signs in a workplace

Massive industrial plants often find it quite challenging to make sure all employees, mostly those who are not in an office setting with a digital device in hand at all times, are on the same page. Sending out email alerts are obviously not possible in such situations; hence indoor LED signs are the best solution


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