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Workplace statistics to prove the efficiency of indoor LED signs

Here are some useful statistics to show the importance of indoor LED signs within a workplace: 70% of successful business owners believe that employee engagement is essential for better business 50% companies are already making use of indoor LED signs to improve internal communication within their workplace 54% employees expect LED signage to be a

Smart strategies for corporate motivation with LED signs

Just like a human being has his own hierarchy of needs, so does an organization. For an organization, corporate value is at the highest level of this hierarchy and is followed by brand equity. Next in line we have a defendable competitive position, creating and monetizing assets, and efficiency of outcome (profit). When we observe

Most effective LED signage choices for storefronts

Placing LED signs in a store window means content can be delivered to passersby without actually having to worry about protecting the display from external elements. Hence LED signs have the ability to carry a message through a window and onto the street. The market for LED signs has seen several new models appearing to

Key benefits of digital signage

Today’s technology is about achieving excellent communication results, beyond those that can be achieved with non-digital efforts. Digital signs help business managers increase the value from their effort, which in turn positively helps the business. There are several reasons why business managers and communicators use LED signs for conveying messages. A few of them include:

How LED billboards outsmart its traditional counterparts

Drive along a few highways and you will certainly see some amazing outdoor advertising. Its history dates back to 1840 and although the structure of the billboard since then is pretty much the same, the method of its deployment has changed significantly. Not too long ago, technology caught up to static billboards and created the


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