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What customers see in Indoor LED signs

When a customer enters the door of a business or organization, the aim is to impress him/her and provide assurance that the correct place has been chosen. Indoor LED signs are the perfect way to give your company a professional look and communicate your business details to any person walking through your front door. As

Technical facts about an LED display

The screen of An LED sign comprises of LED pixels, modules, cabinet enclosures and other parts and accessories that support the functioning of the device (power supplies and control system) Pixels on an LED screen are lights that can be controlled digitally and are responsible for the accurate display of colors on the screen. These

What no one tells you about vandal resistant LED signs

Protecting LED displays such as Church LED signs from vandalism is a very popular concern amongst many investors. It is quite a reasonable concern because safety is not guaranteed on the streets and hence many LED sign investors would want their screen to be protected. However, vandal resistant LED signs can be disadvantageous. Here’s why

Quick guide to selecting the correct LED sign

In order to make the most use of your electronic sign, you need to be assured that you have selected the correct type of sign. Consider the below factors before making your LED sign investment. Outdoor or Indoor application? Outdoor displays should be durable to withstand extreme weather conditions while indoor displays do not require

Difference between DIP and SMD type LED modules

The choice made by investors regarding the module of LED sign they want to purchase will vary based on the purpose for which the sign will be used. DIP (Direct In-line Package) This module is put together by using three bubble shaped color LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Sockets or through-hole

Best ways to use LED Church Signs

We all know the importance of “light” within a Church. The metaphor of “bringing light to a Church” is why Churches are investing in LED signs to add enlightenment to their proceedings. Dark and cramped gothic cathedrals are a depressing sight and should be transformed into airy, spacious churches with the impressive use of LED

How to tell the difference between real and virtual pixel LEDs

For those who are unaware of the two terms, here is a brief description: Real pixel LED display has one LED in each of the three colors: red, blue and green. Virtual pixel LED display has two red LEDs, one blue, and one green. Therefore it has 4 LEDs per pixel. However, just these 4

Facts about virtual pixel technology

We all know that the video management feature in virtual pixel LED screens provides a 400% increase in the quality of images. Unlike a computer screen, LED screens have much less pixels despite its big size because the distance between the pixels is about 30mm or more. So for example, if a normal computer screen

Effective ways of using LED signs in healthcare

Employees in the healthcare industry are kept so occupied that they do not even have the time to pick up their mobile devices to check for any digital content updates. Paradoxically, these workers rely heavily on up-to-date and accurate information. A perfect solution to this situation is the use of indoor LED signs. Compared to

Creative applications for LED signs

Imagine going into a restaurant, being able to order your food from your table and without having to wait for a server. Even if your order is complicated, this self service process guarantees accuracy. Yes, this process involves the use of interactive LED displays on your tabletop! These new additions will be amazingly popular because


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