Monthly Archives: September 2015


What’s new in digital signage?

A few experts were consulted for their opinions regarding the latest in LED signs. Questions specifically focused on how today's digital signage stands out from those produced just a year ago. Steve Acquista: Senior business development manager of a digital signage firm. A year ago, companies were just discussing how they need to replace static

Superb ways to manage content with integrations

As the person in charge of your company's programmable LED sign, unless it is your full time job, you are probably not keeping up with the content, renewing and rotating slides and updating weather and traffic reports every day. With integration technology you have a much simpler way to make sure your content is kept

Mistakes you should never make with outdoor LED displays

As with every technology, outdoor LED signs also have had its ups and downs. Save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble by going through these points to look out for before entering the world of digital signage. Installing a digital signage system is a big deal A real digital signage system is more

Digital signage trends for 2015

Whether you are in retail, advertising or corporate communication, digital signage is a must. With LED signs, the main aim is to engage the customer, build a conversation with the brand, and finally, sell something. Here are a few exciting trends for the digital signage industry in 2015. In store tracking of customers Today, brands

Getting smart with visual interactions to personalize digital signage

When we talk about using analytics to measure performance, achieve outcomes and improve customer experience with regard to digital signage, people often think we are referring to the analysis of big spreadsheets and databases. What many fail to notice are the multiple dimensions of analytics. When people engage with digital signage, visual interactions occur, and


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