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How programmable LED signs make healthcare more effective

Health care is a busy organization and efficiency is key if things need to be kept running smoothly. With programmable LED signs, important information can be communicated to patients, visitors and employees, with an aim to streamline daily activities. Below we discuss five popular ways in which the health care industry uses digital signage. To

Creative ways of using Indoor LED Signs

The industry expectation for LED displays are on the rise, with collaboration and interactivity being two major driving forces for indoor LED signs. Basic LED displays have been around for quite some time but further technological advancements allow organizations to think of unique ways in which these facilities can be applied to meet business goals.

Wrong ways to create content for LED signs

Eye catching and fresh content is the answer to optimizing the benefits of LED signs. Here are four common mistakes made by creators of digital signage content. Boring content Your LED display may be of the highest available resolution but if your content is drab the whole point of it is lost. The main aim

Weather responsive advertising with outdoor LED signs

Even in the scorching heat of summer, digital signage can provide cool customer experiences and innovative engagement opportunities. Whether it is an umbrella advertisement for rainy weather, or it is about serving cool sodas in the summer, outdoor LED signs has got it covered. The most simple and obvious advantage that can be stated about

How indoor LED signs can be used for way finding

Digital signage undoubtedly plays an important role in the promotion of products. A dynamic, flashing, indoor LED sign installed in a mall for example is guaranteed to attract potential customers. This effective advertising medium has been taken and turned around by many to provide an innovative service known as way-finding or directional signage. As the

Getting smart with multi-touch programmable LED signs

Companies operating in the digital signage industry have incorporated the multi-touch technology in their programmable LED signs to provide customers with an interactive and dynamic experience. With the multi-touch experience, digital signage: Becomes easy to use for those with minute technical and creative knowledge Is a useful tool for creating a sales pitch, presentation, training

Creative ways that programmable LED signs can boost sales

Mc Donald's is a billion dollar fast food restaurant chain but has been seeing a decline in sales over the last three years. There are many factors owing to this decline; however, it is quite clear that this giant company also has to keep up with the trends in order to stay on the top


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