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Stats that will motivate you to invest in LED signage

Due to improvements in what technology is capable of doing, digital signage has become more reputable as a means of marketing for businesses. Here is a look at a few statistics to obtain an insight to what exactly is driving implementation of LED signs. Multichannel campaign management More than 25% of firms believe that electronic

Points to consider for outdoor Church sign investments

Installing digital signage outside Churches is a very logical decision because the congregation is in constant need of up-to-date information. For this reason, it is worthwhile to replace printed leaflets and traditional bulletin boards with electronic Church signs. However, Church associates should keep in mind that investing in electronic signage for a Church is not

How to protect outdoor LED signs from external atmosphere

In addition to the massive LED hoardings placed on highways, businesses are also trying to grab an audience by placing their LED signs outside their business venues. The variety of businesses that are doing so range from restaurants and bars to transport centers and theme parks. The concept of electronic signage is not new but

Enhance worship experience with LED Church signs

The integration of technology into Church facilities has become increasingly popular because Churches are now more interested in engaging actively with their congregations. LED Church signs allow them to incorporate live videos and presentations in order to make their signs more attractive. Church associates are also now realizing that they can not only save time

U.S.A introduces lighting standards for LED billboards

While it is essential to keep up with the latest technology, safety of drivers is also that much important. Therefore, many states in America are introducing lighting standards that have to be maintained by owners of LED signage on the roads so as to make sure drivers can read the signs without the LED light

Smart strategies to re-create your restaurant menu boards

Digital menu boards are a proven success. But to obtain their maximum value, you have to be able to make full use of all their features. Many restaurants are slow in taking advantage of the many features provided by digital menu boards. Just using these digital boards the same way that they used their traditional

Outdoor digital signage trends for 2015

The trend towards interactive media has become increasingly intriguing in outdoor LED signage. Electronic signage has completely energized its counterpart, static displays, and has taken interactive marketing to a whole new level. As a result, outdoor signage is now an ideal choice for companies to interact with customers. Below are a few trends how LED

Creative ways of using LED signage

LED signage is mostly placed in public areas and most of us are aware of the common places where you would see an LED billboard. Even indoors, lobbies and hallways are an obvious spot where screens are put up. However, very few blogs talk about some of the smaller areas where digital signage could be

Digital signage now used for in-store marketing

A South African health and beauty chain named "Clicks" has requested the partnership of a digital signage solution company to install LED displays inside 25 of its stores all around the country. This project involved installing over 500 digital signage screens inside the stores of this health and beauty chain and these displays have the


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