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Why should you invest in an LED sign?

If your business is visible from a busy street or a highway, there is probably a lot of vehicular traffic and pedestrians on it. In this case, investing in an LED sign as your advertising strategy is a good idea. Besides, if you have already made investments in more expensive advertising forms, then why not

Programming your new LED sign

In most cases, when you purchase an LED Sign, it comes along with free software that lets you program your sign and display the required message with an aim to advertise your products or services. There are two main categories in which LED signs can be programmed: Monochrome LED signs and Color LED signs. As

Choosing between two similar LED brands

If you are about to make your LED display purchase, you are probably aware about its basics and have made your decision about size, color and so on. Let us go a little more into detail with regard to the pixel resolution of an LED and discuss how it affects the price of the sign.

Adapting an LED display to your audience

An important thing to keep in mind when purchasing an outdoor LED sign is that one size may not be suitable for all your LED signage needs. Although the market presents a wide range of options for you, it may not always be the case that you will find exactly what you need. For you

Design principles for an outdoor LED sign

Outdoor advertising, also known as Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, seems like it can go to extremes. However, if you want to maximize your ROI, there are a few basic design tips that you should follow in order to improve the response to your outdoor LED signs. It is a known fact that billboards that are uncluttered

Guidelines for creating a perfect Church Sign

Placing a church sign in an area where congregation members frequently travel is the answer to motivate them to visit the church. With successful signage, you will be able to convert church awareness into actual visits made by potential members. A sign is the first impression for people living around the church and also has


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