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100 ways to use digital signage in any industry

Are you managing/owning a business?

If you answered yes, one of the trickiest tasks in your line of work is to come up with ideas for fresh content in order to make sure the LED display keeps luring customers. Penetrating search engines can consume a lot of your time and you may be left with either generic or over simplified results. You may try to re-use the content from old flyers and posters but those may not be up to standard. You may also try noticing content on the signage of other businesses but what works for them may not work for you.

So here’s a list of 100 content ideas for LED signs categorized by industry so you can easily spot what will work best for your business:

For any Industry…

  1. Motivational quotes
  2. Inspirational quotes – you can create attractive graphics out of the quotes.
  3. Navigational map of your organization
  4. Holidays during which your business will remain closed
  5. Operating hours of your business
  6. Directory
  7. Local weather conditions
  8. Customer feedbacks, reviews or testimonials
  9. Most recent advertisements released by your business
  10. Any press/media related articles of your business

Communicating within the organization

  1. Quotes from favorite entrepreneurs
  2. Announcements
  3. Reminders
  4. Birthday wishes
  5. Any upcoming events
  6. Interesting facts about the company
  7. Milestones – sales targets, cash flow balancing, etc
  8. Anniversaries – company launch date, product launch date
  9. Employee profiles – can help colleagues get to know each other
  10. Employee achievements
  11. Key Performance Indicators
  12. Social media accounts of your company
  13. Social media accounts of competitors – helps keep an eye on competition
  14. Business related posts on social media
  15. Industry related news
  16. Team photos of employees within the company – to promote strong company culture.


  1. Medical news
  2. Ads from the pharmacy
  3. Health and wellness tips
  4. Staff profiles – to convince patients that they are in good hands
  5. Wait times / queue information
  6. Explaining how certain medical procedures are performed
  7. Showing before and after pictures of cosmetic procedures for example


  1. Upcoming promotions and sales – customers are always looking out for a good deal
  2. Product information
  3. Fashion shows (particularly for clothing outlets)
  4. Current trends
  5. Style tips
  6. Information on the designer whose items you are distributing

Salons and Spas

  1. Displaying pictures of your best work
  2. Profiles of stylists working with you
  3. Demos of your hair and beauty products
  4. Product recommendations
  5. Tips for hairstyling
  6. Tips for hair care
  7. Other beauty tips
  8. Photos that clients have posted on their social media profiles


  1. Attractive photos of the food you serve
  2. Design an exclusive digital menu
  3. Instruct customers on what hashtag to use when posting their food on social media
  4. Display a feed of customers who’ve got the social media posting right
  5. Profiles of chefs who are creating the food that customers are enjoying
  6. Short videos of how the food is prepared
  7. Inform customers of the other branches of your restaurant chain
  8. Calorie and nutrition information
  9. Information related to allergens in the food
  10. Spotlights on fast moving or new items on the menu


  1. Details of restaurants within the hotel
  2. Hotel bar information
  3. Hotel pool information
  4. Advertise other amenities such as spa and laundry services
  5. Neighboring tourist attractions
  6. Instructions for check in and check out
  7. Events lined up at the hotel
  8. Important rules that customers should obey in the hotel
  9. Information related to shuttle and transportation services
  10. Advertising special events hosted by the hotel – example: concert, trade show, convention, etc

Real Estate

  1. Promoting services provided by the firm
  2. Introducing agents
  3. Listing properties
  4. Open house information
  5. News related to the real estate market
  6. Virtual tours of properties for sale


  1. Highlighting faculty and administration staff
  2. Highlighting students
  3. Safety and emergency procedures
  4. Student groups
  5. Events lined up at the school
  6. Amenities such as library, restaurant and fitness centers
  7. Notices related to any part of the school being under construction
  8. Press/media related articles of the school
  9. Promoting the school itself – convincing students to go here
  10. Important deadlines such as exam dates, term end, term beginning dates
  11. Interesting facts about the school
  12. Spotlights of school alumni
  13. Displaying athletic achievements
  14. Information of any job openings
  15. Information regarding useful resources – online portal, tutoring, etc


  1. Seasonal greetings
  2. Seasonal graphics
  3. Yule log displays

Fitness Centers

  1. Class schedules
  2. Rules and etiquettes at the center
  3. Fitness tips
  4. Inspirational quotes related to fitness
  5. Promoting products or partnered brands


  1. Financial tips
  2. Currency exchange rates
  3. Advertising products and services
  4. News related to the economy and financial industry.

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