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Keep customers alive with restaurant LED signs!


In the restaurant industry, it is important to lure customers to repeatedly visit your restaurant and in order to do so, you have to keep adding items to the menu or offer a special promotion every fortnight. For this reason, restaurant managers should be able to change menu boards within a click of a button.

LED signs are a cost effective solution for restaurants to be highlighted with technology rich digital displays which can handle a variety of functions for all aspects of a restaurant business. Not only are customers impressed with this new technology but digital signage also allows restaurant operators to cut down on the menu printing cost while at the same time increase brand awareness, change promotion items in an instant and provide overall marketing control for the restaurant.

Did You Know? sales-lift

With digital menu boards restaurants have seen:

  • Uplift of sales by an average of 3-5%
  • Margin per transaction increased by 2.5-3% on average


  • 5% customers believe that digital menus have influenced their purchasing decision.
  • 20% customers make a purchase they would have otherwise not done if not for the items featured on the digital menu board.
  • 52% customers remember content they see on digital displays more than those heard of on other advertising forms.
  • 59% people who encounter a digital sign are interested in learning more about the product being advertised.

Benefits of restaurant signs

michaels-restaurant-led-signA survey carried out in April 2012 revealed the following benefits of using restaurant signs in quick service and fast casual restaurants:

  • Content on menu board has a centralized control
  • Improved pricing flexibility
  • Amendments to the menu costs significantly less
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Promotional items sell more
  • Restaurant managers are able to comply easily with menu labeling laws
  • Average checks are higher
  • Items with high margins sell more
  • Better accuracy of order
  • Higher foot traffic
  • Margin per transaction is higher
  • Positive brand perception is increased
  • Customer turnover is more since their purchase is guided through sign content
  • Information displayed is more attractive to the audience
  • Content can be pushed to all outlets or limited to a single outlet
  • Quick and easy content update is possible
  • Content can be scheduled at different times of the day
  • Menu printing costs are eliminated
  • Overall operations of the restaurant is improved
  • Overall effort required by the restaurant manager is much less (see below)


Time taken to recover investment for restaurant signs

Typically, majority businesses that invest in digital menu boards for restaurants can recoup their investment in 9-18 months. Below is a chart displaying the average breakeven point in comparison to the amount spent on digital menu boards (DMB).


Digital menus help with new FDA Laws

With the increased proportion of meals being eaten away from home, the availability of calorie information on restaurant menus help consumers to make informed decisions regarding what they eat. Therefore, in December 2016, the FDA will launch the rule for nutrition labeling for chain restaurants, vending machines and other food establishments. There should be clear and consistent information regarding calories and nutrition in an accessible manner for consumers.

This seismic shift requires restaurants to completely change their traditional menus in order to comply with this rule. Many restaurant operators are turning toward digital menu boards as the best way to incorporate this nutrition information into their menus.


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