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Maximize your customer base with LED signs today!

mikes-country-store-led-signYour customers are probably bombarded every day with all sorts of advertisements, from online cookies to the traditional newspapers. As a retailer, how will you make your advertisement stand out to your target market?

LED signs are the answer for an attractive method to draw customers’ attention and build loyalty with them. Majority of retailers today are empowering their employees with self-service kiosks and other digital signage forms in an effort to differentiate their business. Those few who have not yet entered the world of electronic signage should do so immediately or else be left behind significantly.


Did You Know?

  • 25% of sales in the digital signage industry are made up of retailers.
  • In 2010, an estimated 181 million Americans (70%) over the age of 12 were viewing LED signs every month. As of today, this figure has significantly grown due to more and more companies investing in retail signs.
  • The numbers of digital signage installations are increasing by 40% annually.
  • Until 2020, the compound annual growth rate is predicted to continue at 8.94%.


How LED signs can benefit your retail business

In retail markets, there are four main ways in which LED signs can be beneficial.

  1. Engagementsign-sale

With technology being at such an advanced level today, it is safe to say that every customer will interact with technology every single day. Digital media is now such an essential part of life that without it, shopping would seem odd.

Engagement strengthens brand loyalty and customer confidence. Engaging with retail signs gives customers an inside look of the retailer. With this retail interaction, the brand always stays at the top of a customer’s mind. Furthermore, content developers are continuously coming up with QR codes, mobile couponing and text messaging systems for direct interaction with customers. Moreover, when consumers are shopping, they do not want to be disturbed by a sales person trying to make a pitch. With retail LED signs, information is provided in an unobtrusive, yet approachable way.

  1. Education and Advertising

Interactive retail LED signs are the best way to educate customers while also advertising products/services for vendors. Because consumers always make sure their purchase decisions are informed ones, digital signage used in a retail setting informs customers about the features and benefits of a product/service. It is important to place the sign in a convenient location so as to make sure it is most useful and also not an intrusion to the customer. With interactive retail signs retailers can conduct targeted and flexible marketing, help consumers navigate through large stores, allow the customer to become an expertise on the product, and give the retailer total control of the campaign.

  1. Consumer Insights

When data collection regarding consumer interaction takes place data regarding consumer insights is what is collected. Retailers can use of this information to make business decisions and modify their target customers. In fact they can build an entire campaign using the consumer insights data gathered from interactive retail signs. With information such as buying and selling habits, brand loyalty, brand awareness and other consumer behaviors, retailers can provide customers a better experience.


  1. Ease of deployment

Compared to static signage systems, LED signs feature faster installation times and ease of use. Because electronic signage is so flexible, it can be customized to the needs of a retailer using a single media player. No third party technician is needed to change the content. Within just a moment’s notice, content on digital signage can be changed as the surrounding environment changes.


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