5 essential qualities of digital signage hardware and software

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5 essential qualities of digital signage hardware and software


  1. Simple Network Growth
    If your firm has plans to grow internally or you want to gain control of more smaller networks in addition to an existing one, simplicity will be a huge challenge. Plan carefully for your ambition and to be on the safe side, choose a platform that is easily scalable to a size you would need in the future.
  2. Secure Network
    just like all other digital accounts, digital signage can also be a major target for hackers and other such individuals with bad intentions. Take great care in securing your network with password levels and so on. Invest in a platform that is in-built with strict security capabilities. Moreover, when customers interact with your digital signage network, they will also appreciate that their information is secure in your network.
  3. Automated Content Delivery
    Instead of users having to manually set up and manage the content on their LED screen playlists, opt for a system that allows users to automate the delivery of content and define rules for when and how the content must be displayed. Then users can just sit back, relax and let the software take control of the tedious responsibilities.
  4. Adopt to APIFor the most advanced digital signage network, integrate facial recognition, analytics and proprietary technology as part of your campaign strategies. By doing so, LED display users can provide more functions to viewers such as being able to interact with them and collect data, thereby providing a more engaging experience to customers. These kind of advanced integrations will only be possible if your electronic signage platform has an extensible API. So this has to be a priority when selecting the network.
  5. Remote Upgrading
    Having one person responsible for manually updating the software for all your digital signs can become very tedious and far from tedious with larger networks. To save all this trouble, select a signage software that allows for automatic updating when needed. This is one of the best ways to stay on par with the latest technological developments.


  1. Consistent communication
    Your digital signage provider should always be open with you regarding the current updates in the marketplace; for example – making sure you sure you are aware of the changes in the material being used to build the hardware. Similarly, it is also important to be able to get consistently track the status of your order, repair of an item, or any other layers in the system integration stack.
  2. Wide range of services
    Hardware providers for digital signage should display the availability of an abundant range of products and after sale services. Some of these include: customized order solutions, master imaging, custom configuration, private labeling, and delivery to installation site. Some manufacturers and retailers provide an enhanced experience by offering certified installations, after-sales support, training and marketing services.
  3. Flexible Financing
    When a business expands, they are often faced with a challenge of how they will finance their first big digital project. Look out for hardware providers that won’t bottleneck this opportunity with big quotations. Instead, find one with flexible financing options such as leasing, robust net terms and flexible credit lines. Your partner should also work in your best interest by assessing each future project for cost savings and easier financing.
  4. Quality of service provider
    There are plenty of digital signage providers out there and choosing a good quality one can be difficult. Choose one that has a lot of experience in the industry and is very clear about their goals for the next five years or so. LED Craft Inc is an experienced manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality digital signage products and can cater to your campaign request, be it locally or globally.
  5. Connectivity and reliability
    It is very important to work with a digital signage solutions provider who is knowledgeable and updated about the technology, its application and its uses. Skilled experts in the industry will know how to provide you with an optimum solution for your campaign. Your provider should also be able to assist you with shortcut ways, cost savings, tools and a higher rate of closing sales cycles.

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